2019 September

21 Days EDU Challenge
September 5 – 25, 2019

Day #43 (EDU Start)


Puzzle pieces

Please choose one or more puzzle pieces below that you would like to either take a lead on or would like to actively support behind the scenes. (Or suggest another puzzle piece under 19 and beyond)

0. Spirituality

1. Ubuntu, Collective, Earth and Environment, Ocean, Forest.

2. No Killing

2.1 Humans

2.2 Humans +Animals

3. $$$ Currency, Finances

4. Law

5. Education

6. Government, web design, newsletter, conference, Administration. Executive Band managing Board, Once a month in person gathering.

7. Medicine Health

8. Food Basic Needs, Organic Gardening, Fruit and nut trees.

9. Warm Home, Basic Needs, Property. Roof

10. Travel Transport, Frequent Flyer Miles

11. Religions

12. Media, News

13. Reconciliation

14. Refugees

15. Stories

16. Zaadz/Online Offline community Gathering

17. Film

18. Music




village concept by robyn bridgett and jasmine lovelstzy

flag design by jasmine lovelstzy

illustration by kris barz

“Yes or No” New demo contribution by Ylecas

Yes or No, you decide when
For a sustainable economy for the Next Gen
We’re in this together
we’ve waited forever
The Next Ride is coming,
Are You Ready to Choose?
Our African Hearts and our Swiss Minds
We overcome our challenges with Love everytime.
The Kids of the Future will live on this Earth
A sustainable economy for sure has its worth.

Group hugs