Goals & Objectives

Active and Organizational

Our goals and objectives are divided in two fields: Active and Organizational.

Whereas “Active” deals with mission based activities, “Organizational” deals with activities relating to administration and internal operations.

Goals & Objectives: ACTIVE

Goal 1

1. Expand the number of interviews and educational Digital Rule of Law films produced.

Objective 1

1. Produce 26 videos from research data and interviews regarding different digital and local laws, customs, ethics and lifestyles

Goal 2

2. Create a mobile app and online platform to educate each side regarding the consequences as well as the solutions to problems caused when one side does not know or understand the other side’s perspective.

Objective 2

2. Complete development of SwissInteg mobile app as a centralized platform to educate foreigners about Swiss customs and culture for easier integration and harmonization.
App development objectives include:

  • Add all tutorial videos and interviews for fast Swiss education and integration
  • Write and develop quizzes and interactive games to further anchor learned subjects.
  • Prepare final test examination questions as well as to design and include certificate of completion after watching all videos and completing final test(s).
  • Exporting completed apps to be hosted on all major relevant app stores including the Apple and Android Google Play Store.

Goal 3

3. Collaborate with other innovative organizations and foundations that are contributing to strengthen The Rule of Law and move the human civilization forward towards harmony within the next 100 years.

Objective 3

3. Follow up for possible partnerships with the following organizations:

  • Transparency International
  • World Justice Project
  • 5 Carrots (Plant based film set products distributor)
  • ZEWO Standards
  • Contact different Universities, starting with UZH and ETH Zürich, for creating Fast Class Digital Integration Programs

Goal 4

4. Become the Go-To organization for providing multimedia Rule of Law integration programs for both local and federal institutions.

Objective 4

4. Partner with 12 communities/Gemeindes who are interested to adopt the videos and SwissInteg app as part of their orientation for new and current residents in order to actively harmonize their neighborhoods with the Rule of Law

Goal 5

5. Increase the number of Bridge Building Games and Events between different cultures and generations to promote harmony + love.

Objective 5

5. Create 6 events for Pop-Up Bridge Building Games

Goal 6

6. Multiply the quantity of fruit & nut trees planted

Objective 6

6. Secure 6 properties to plant fruit or nut trees

Goal 7

7. Establish Law & Love Beaming Adventure Temple Hubs in every major city around the world.

Objective 7

7. Organize online law & love beaming events with instructional love cards.

Goals & Objectives: ORGANIZATIONAL

Goal 8

8. Have a committed Board of Directors with diverse professional backgrounds.

Objective 8

8. Form an Interim Advisory Board in order to create a 5 member Executive Board who are not close family related as defined by ZEWO Standards.

Goal 9

9. Have a well structured Budget in place that satisfies all financial needs of LoveLsTzy® Association and allocates at least 70% towards mission based initiatives.

Objective 9

9. Create a budget to incorporate all financial needs for 2020-2021 including research, instructional tools for building harmonious bridges with directional maps and road signs, etc. Funds are divided with 20-30% going to fundraising and administration and 70-80% being utilized for mission based objectives.

Goal 10

10. Receive tax exempt status from Zurich Canton Tax office as a requirement for ZEWO Standards

Objective 10

10. Complete all 6 required documents* and translate them to German, then submit a request for a tax exempt status from the Zurich Canton Tax office with clause that after the first 100,000 CHF raised will go toward transforming the Association into a Foundation.


  1. Bi-Laws
  2. Regulations (Protocol)
  3. Concept of planned activity
  4. List of projects to be supported
  5. Budget
  6. Brief statement that the conditions for a tax exemption are fulfilled

Goal 11

11. Receive ZEWO Standards Certification

Objective 11

11. Fulfill ZEWO Certification criteria including Cantonal Tax Exemption and apply for ZEWO Seal of Approval.

Goal 12

12. Establish The LoveLsTzy® Digital Rule of Law Standard and Certification in Switzerland and Internationally

  • Achieve Global recognition of The LoveLsTzy® Digital Rule of Law Standard and Certification

Objective 12

12. Develop The LoveLsTzy® Digital Rule of Law Standard (to be in harmony with the World Justice Project Rule of Law and ZEWO standards)

  1. Share The LoveLsTzy® Digital Rule of Law Standard and Certification with the wider audience.
  2. Begin certifying organizations in order to start receiving Global recognition.

Goal 13

13. Create “Get to know…” Intercultural & Digital Integration Tips & Trips

Objective 13

13. Research which countries would be best to start with for Intercultural & Digital Integration Bridge Building Tips & Trips.

Goal 14

14. Create World-Wide Digital Harmony Film Festivals (where 2 or more different sides come together)

Objective 14

14. Plan and research digital regulations, criteria and time frame for creating World-Wide Digital Harmony Film Festivals

Goal 15

15. Create LoveLsTzy® Film Studios to include temporary live/work production facilities, which support multi-media research, education and story telling in the form of book writing, music, film, games, websites, events, etc that are aligned with the Purpose of the Association.

Objective 15

15. Research regulations, criteria and funding for creating temporary live/work LoveLsTzy® Film Studios

Goal 16

16. Attain complete funding for the yearly budget including full staff with executive & advisory boards as well as committees to govern each department

Objective 16

16. Funding aligned with the LoveLsTzy® Association Vision:

  • Contact Zürich Canton, Foundations, both Non-profit & for profit organizations, as well as Start-Ups and Educational Institutions for funding including grants, product placements in films and partnerships for the purpose of raising at least 100,000 CHF to transform the Association into an International Foundation
  • Seek funding in other Cantons if budget not met via Zürich Canton
  • Seek funding Internationally if budget not met via Swiss channels
  • Seek Swiss and International partnerships
  • Create silent art auctions
  • Organize plant based Fund Raising dinners

Goal 17

17. Transform LoveLsTzy® Association into International Foundation

Objective 17

17. Once the first 100,000CHF is raised, transform the Association into a Foundation.

Goal 18

18. Develop projects that achieve perpetual sustainability

Objective 18

18. Create the following opportunities in order to achieve perpetual sustainability:

  • Open a web shop
  • Open advertising space on App
  • Sub-Rent Interim Film Set
  • Sell pre-recorded educational classes