(of all ages)


(of all ages)

Bring your children to Lovelstzy Kids Day Care and be relaxed. Whether for an hour while you shop, have lunch with a friend or a business meeting or for the whole morning, afternoon or late evening. We would like to give you peace of mind that your kids will have an inspirational, multi-educational experience with arts and crafts, exercise, dancing, fun and team building games.

We will also prepare healthy and tasty vegan snacks for your child. They may come home one day hungry for Raw Kale Chips rather than potato crisps.


(of all ages)

Realizing that we can make a difference is the first step in making one. We are all here on this planet for a reason, so let’s claim our piece of the puzzle and start participating

10% of the profit goes to ABC for Life, a registered Non-Profit Organization, that supports children’s education in Cape Town, South Africa