Digital Rule of Law

Arbitration & Mediation EDU for the Digital Generation

What we do

Providing Education in dROL
Contracts Defamation IP Media ADR
Pro Bono Comparative Law

Why we do it

We believe in building bridges
with Digital Rule of Law
between cultures and generations

How we do it

We utilize Film & Multimedia
to support dGen lawyers & students
to share knowledge & expertise

Digital Rule of Law International Research Institute

Educational Digital Rule of Law Program: Ethics and Spiritual Legal System

Supporting Equal Access to Justice, by sustainably offering education in Digital Dispute Resolution to those who wish to learn and follow The Digital Rule of Law. This includes the Digital Generations and others who are used to equal opportunities in activities like video games where rules are clearly stated at the beginning. dROL seeks to offer education, easy to access information as well as services relating to contracts, arbitration, and mediation. We strive to fill a need for individuals who were never taught in school how to deal with simple legal matters as well as foreigners, tourists, refugees and immigrants, who did not grow up knowing the laws and customs of their host country.

We are also looking to partner with different Local and International Universities who also support Sustainable Legal System for Digital Generation.

Our goals are to create Comparative Digital Rule of Law,

including Ethics and Spirituality, with the following focus:


1. Digital Rule of Law

2. Digital Rule of Law LLM and JD program

3. Digital Bar Exam

4. Digital Court System

5. International Ethics and Spiritual Law

6. International Ethics and Spiritual LLM and JD program

7. International Ethics and Spiritual Bar Exam

8. International Ethics and Spiritual Court System


1. dROL (Digital Rule of Law)

2. Contracts (Smart Contracts)

3. Defamation

4. IP (Intellectual Property)

5. Digital Media

6. ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

7. Pro Bono (Social Commitment)

8. Comparative Law

The Environment and Us

We are consciously reducing our carbon footprint by using digital technology or recycled material as much as possible as well as providing 100% plant based food during our productions.

EDU: Sustainable Legal System

Ignorantia juris non excusat

If “ignorance of the law is not an excuse”
then knowing the Law is a human right! …so let’s learn with L0VE!

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