About Us

Who We Are

LoveLsTzy® Association is a non-profit organization in Switzerland under the terms of Art. 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.

The organization is politically and religiously independent.

Our current Statutes can be found at the link below:
Lovelstzy® Association Bi-Laws

Overall Goal

100 year plan for 100% Harmonized Civilization (for detailed goals click here)

What We Do

In summary: we provide a multimedia educational platform to support people with different backgrounds to build bridges with each other and harmonize with The Digital Rule of Law & Love.

Below is our Vision, Purpose and Mission followed by our Goals and Objectives.

1.) Vision:

A Harmonized Humanity with the Digital Rule of Law + Love

2.) Purpose:

Utilize digital multimedia storytelling to stimulate dialogue and communication with effective listening and learning between different cultures and between digital and analog generations, in order to support Humanity to Harmonize with the Digital Rule of Law + Love.

3.) Mission

To build a future in which human civilization lives in harmony with each other, by:

1. Utilizing Digital Multimedia technology to provide a platform for people of different cultures and generations to tell their side of the story and share their knowledge and expertise

2. Educating each side that another side exists that may be accustomed to different digital and local laws, customs, ethics or lifestyles and have different knowledge and expertise

3. Building Bridges with shared Digital Rule of Law & Love between all sides, where each side contributes equally their expertise to build the bridge

4. Getting approval from Public & Private landowners for the planting of Nut Trees & Fruits for the following reasons:

  • To symbolize that foreign residents need time to grow their roots in local soil and need water which represents knowledge and learning in order to Integrate.
  • To sustainably support a common food that most cultures can eat throughout the year in order to lay the first brick on the road to harmony for the next generation

5. Utilize LoveLsTzy® Film Studios to support both digital and local groups of people to fulfill the purpose of LoveLsTzy® Association.

One of the films in the pre-production stage is The Digital Generation Movie. Click for more info!

We are also committed to Green Environment and prefer to use digital communication as a primary source. As there is still a large percentage of people who didn’t grow up with modern technology, we may print to build a bridge when needed and use recycled paper whenever possible. Our books and especially our love cards are printed as a visual tool to stand out and make a larger impact.

We are constantly looking for more cost-effective ways to publish. If you are a digital printer using recycled paper with competitive prices we would love to hear from you.

LoveLsTzy® is legally a registered trademark in the United States since 2010, under educational services, namely, conducting programs in the fields of intercultural and interfaith cooperation to facilitate the awakening process of interconnection.