30+ Countries

The idea of The Golden Rainbow Villages book came from the collective Vision

It was collaborated by people of all ages from over 30 countries around the world who shared how they felt they could change the world and make it a better place for everyone

100% of Royalty from GRV project goes to support ABC for Life

“A great honour…Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, international icon of justice, meets ABC for Life students, co-founders Lola Kramer and Val Toledo, and teacher Gailyn Scarpa.”  www.abcforlife.org

The Lovelstzy Team traveled to South Africa and Filmed a short documentary of the educational project ABC For Life. The project helps kids who are failing at the basics in school to catch up and have a chance at a future. Since it has since its inception passed over 5000 children through the program. Because of political problems and protests in the area, some of the core funders backed out from supporting the project and thanks to the documentary being shown at fundraising events, the project was able to raise enough funds for 2 years to continue.