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It’s in Our Hands

Western Millennials are well known now to have very different attitudes and lifestyles compared to previous generations. We say “Western” because although this age group consists of people in all countries born roughly between the early ’80s and mid-’90s, the popularized cliché particularly refers to those in western countries such as North America, Europe, Oceania, and some parts of South Africa. With a high sense of justice, need for purpose and a natural inertia to question authority, this generation won’t settle for anything but the standards they’ve set for themselves. It’s often joked that western Millennials face “first world problems”. It’s the end of the world if you drop the phone in the pool. In South Africa, (which is both a first and third world country), the majority of the population face other kinds of challenges. No food, gang violence in the community and many other fierce challenges face people on a daily basis. Lovelstzy has been supporting an educational program for the kids of Hout Bay, South Africa since 2013 and through this film, we will help employ the parents of this community so they can afford food for their children and fix up their community simultaneously. With the support of the Mayor of Hout Bay, we have the green light to begin this project. We are now seeking funds for the film in exchange for product placement and to be listed as an official sponsor of the community project. After the filming, the location will be used as a tourist attraction and will allow the community to continue to work and support themselves through services provided to tourists.

The Millennials have the power to make a change in Hout Bay (Suburb of Cape Town)

Millennial Movie

What if there was a movie that wasn’t a documentary but was still actually happening? That’s so Millennial.

Feed The Hungry

By making this film and project a reality, we will employ an entire community. Through this they can feed themselves and their children.

Fast Changes

With the right funding, both this film and the community can be transformed within a few months.

Product Placement

We are seeking funds via product placement to be included in the film as well as being promoted as an official sponsor for the community transformation.

A Millennial Movie by Millennials

Many criticisms about Millennials have come from previous generations looking from the outside in. This will be the first Millennial film supported by Millennials. There are a lot of problems in the world that need to be solved and the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of future generations to solve them. We will be establishing the first Next-Gen Center to support the new generations to make a difference. The establishment of this center and its support of the Hout Bay community will be a center point in the film.

A similar project was successfully completed in indonesia

It was already Successful

This project was inspired by another project in Indonesia, which successfully transformed a slum into a vibrant rainbow village and became a tourist attraction. This completely transformed this community and now we want to do the same for Hout Bay.

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